Time Enough For Love on All Digital Platforms

Time Enough For Love is now available on all digital platforms, including Spotify!

Physical CDs are available via Bandcamp  or CDBaby.

Here’s a brief look behind the scenes:

No guitars were hurt in the making of Time Enough for Love, although we used quite a few different ones over the sessions.

I was also pretty excited to have some friends stop by to add flute, oboe, trumpet, baritone and tenor sax to Time Enough for Love!



Marissa Honda joined us in the studio one afternoon to add oboe on several tracks, including Room of Blue.

Marissa Honda and RTK in the studio!

Glenn Holdaway and Justin Klunk also stopped by the Song Benefactory and added some awesome horn parts.  The bari parts on End of the Road are just as Kevin and I envisioned and Glenn absolutely nailed the improvised solo that closes Last Ten Years and opens Time Enough for Love.

Glenn on the trumpet Kevin Fisher, Justin Klunk, RTK, and Glenn Holdaway

I have no idea where the pictures of Pete Sheppard went, but he did a masterful job adding his soulful lead guitar lines to the early proceedings.

Very thankful for everyone who brought their talents to San Pedro for a few hours to help make this happen!




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