Jackknifed Big Rig
Jackknifed Big Rig live at the House of Blues’ Foundation Room on August 11, 2012. The other members were Peter Sheppard on guitar, EJ Wells on bass and Gina Fletcher on drums.

Moon Comes Around

I Forgot to Forget About You

The Inside

Dear John
2/3 of Dear John (Larry Wilke and myself) teamed up with bass-playing pal Bob Chekoudjian to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Dear John’s Frustrated Conversation 7″ on Record Store Day 2012 (April 23, 2012). We played some old Dear John favorites on the street in front of Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, MO. The event was captured on video by our friend Don Hollenbeck.

The Final Word

I Don’t Want Her to Know

This Cruel Rain

Last Night

You Could’ve Been Mine

Sad Reunion

Frustrated Conversation

Robert Thomas Kuhlmann and Peter Sheppard

Pete put together this video celebrating the friendship of youth, featuring his son Logan and their neighbors. He invited me to join him for the soundtrack.

Forever Young (studio version)

Live at The Spot 11-19-10

All That Matters

The Inside

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