Time Enough For Love is out now!

Time Enough For Love is finally out and available exclusively via Bandcamp for a limited time!


The six songs on my new EP  are the result of journey that began on May 10, 2014 when I stepped into Kevin Fisher’s studio for the first time.

The plan was to record around 10 or 11 songs – some new songs and a few from the archives from my Last American Heroes days. We recorded the basic tracks for Just Three Words and End of the Road that first day and it’s doubtful either of us felt it would take five years for them all to be released.

It was great working with Kevin Fisher, Peter Sheppard, Marissa Honda, Glenn Holdaway and Justin Klunk. Thanks for bringing your talents to San Pedro for a few hours. I really love the end result.

The other tracks recorded during these sessions can be found on Echo Like Empty Rooms:




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