Thanks to Mary and everyone at the Namaste Café! I had a great time performing last night. There was a very receptive, supportive audience and the bonus of a guitar-playing sound man named Paul!

Since it was my first time in this room and a coffeehouse environment, I changed the set list a bit. I opened with King of Fools and segued into Moon Comes Around. For some reason, I’ve never thought to pair them together live even though they both reference a specific evening in Austin…

The rest of the set was from Confidential Reasons (This Cruel Rain, The Inside, Lonely Girl, and Someday) and then we closed with And I Did Not Know from the R & D Project recording.

It didn’t seem like a solo performance, though –Paul the sound guy added some tasteful Stratified textures from behind the sound board, and even took a few solos albeit hidden from the view of the audience.  It created an intimate connection with the audience, including the Namaste regulars.

It was also fun sharing the evening with the other performers, including Mike V and his pal Steve.

We’ll do it again in early 2014!


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