singing and playing at suzy’s

When is a recital not really a recital? When it is a full-blown rock show! That’s what was happening at Suzy’s when I showed up there on Sunday before the songwriters showcase. A local music studio was showcasing guitar, bass and banjo students. Pretty cool idea, although the teachers often were overshadowing their would-be proteges. But pretty cool, anyway.

Due to the recital, the Songwriter Showcase started a bit late, but all the tables stayed full for the first 4-5 performers. Bob V, the host of these events, kept things going while working the room and bussing tables!

For those interested in things like this, my set list started with Stay The Night, Lonely Girl, When I Close My Eyes, and The Inside which are all from the first CD. Then I ventured into the R & D Project songs with Quiet Time, Will You Still Change With Me, And I Did Not Know, Break My Heart, Let The Girl Go, and closed with a rousing version of I Forgot To Forget. The Hastings were in the crowd and they added some loud, rollicking background vocals from the back of the room.

Sunday was fun, but I think the best part was playing my new Martin live for the first time! New guitars also seem to inspire new tunes. Monday evening completed one new one (Whiskey and Memories) and started a second.

And since I couldn’t get enough, last night (Tuesday) I returned for the weekly open mic. About 5 minutes before I got up there, I had no idea what I was going to do, although intended to play the new tune. I also asked Linda Bruce if she would join me on Love Hurts or Seven Bridges Road. When I got to the stool, my fifteen minutes started with Lonely Girl, Moon Comes Around, and then debut of Whiskey and Memories, which got a good response from the crowd. Then Linda came up and sang a great harmony on Seven Bridges Road. Bob told me to stay up there since I was the last on the sheet, then he jumped up, and plugged in during And I Did Not Know and took a solo. Then open mic moved into a jam session when Linda rejoined us for Love Hurts and Baby It’s You. Next, Bob launched into Walking In Memphis, then it was a flurry of covers and one of Bob’s originals, all with me taking solos. Eventually, I offered the stool to Scott Adams who continued the jamfest with Bob.

Playing covers is getting me prepared for my first “cover band” gig in 30 years: two of us “dads” are putting together a band for the school picnic in May!!


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