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Summer 2019


This Sunday: Shelley Kemp at Gospel Lunch

Shelley Kemp and Called To Hope will be appearing this Sunday at the upcoming Gospel Lunch at Suzy’s in Hermosa Beach.

Show starts at 1pm, we go on at 2:30pm

More information here!

New release to be called Time Enough for Love

Looks like our next release will be ready by Christmas! We’ve gone through several working titles, but at this point it will be released as Time Enough for Love. The new tracks were recorded and mixed by Kevin Fisher in San Pedro at The Song Benefactory. Again had the pleasure of working with my long-time pal Peter Sheppard on guitar, plus we invited some other astoundingly great musicians to help us: Marissa Honda on oboe, Glenn Holdaway on trumpet and Justin Klunk on flute and various saxophones.

Yes, friends – horns!!!
Can’t wait for you to hear it…

RTK Live in Torrance

Performing songs from Echo Like Empty Rooms at Faith UMC’s annual Coffee House event. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!


Last American Heroes Photos Unearthed!

Here are a few photos of The Last American Heroes circa 1992


Echo Like Empty Rooms – December 15th, 2015

Echo Like Empty Rooms is here!

Echo Like Empty Rooms





I’m really excited to share these 5 songs with you. Kevin Fisher and I had a lot of fun putting this together over the last few months. My long-time pal and guitarist extraordinaire Peter Sheppard makes an appearance on several tracks. Many thanks to Tony Renner for the front cover photo and for my daughter Gina, who put all the graphics together for the CD.

It will be available across all the usual digital platforms in the next few weeks, plus you will be able to purchase physical CDs at CDBaby and Amazon after December 15th. Call your favorite record store and let them know…I can get some for them, too! Of course, if you want to buy direct from the source, it’s $6.49 via PayPal. I’ll even sign it if you’d like!

Oh, and note that this is Volume One…Volume Two is already in the works.

Thanks for your support! rtk

Coffee House and other things

Last Saturday, April 18, was Faith UMC’s Annual Coffee House. I say annual, but it took a break last year so this was actually the return of the Coffee House – part showcase for Faith UMC’s Music Ministry, part fundraiser, part social gathering.

Many Music Ministry acts and bands shared the stage, and there were even some interesting pairings especially for the show.

Some “friends of Faith” performed, including Cuban Middle Aged Missle Crisis which was one of only a handful of performers who entertained the crowd with “secular” songs. Of course, they chose some of the most ultra-obscure covers (including The Shaggs’ “Philosophy of the World” and Jonathan Richman’s “Dodge Vegamatic”) and handled them quite nicely.  Frank Rocco has turned into a fine drummer, and finally brought his brand new drumset out of the basement, err, living room.

Another popular act was the trio of Wade, Gary and Brian!