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play ball – and music!

Spring is here, time to play ball – and music!

Peter Sheppard and I will return to the Talking Stick at 7pm on Saturday April 16th, performing at  Cafe Night, a free community outreach event presented by our friends at Venice Santa Monica Free Methodist Church. Our friend Mike V will open the show at 6pm, and West of Lincoln (a rockin’ great band playing 60’s and 70’s rock and blues covers) follows us at 8pm.

We’ll be adding some new songs to the mix, so we hope you can come out and enjoy an entire evening of music, food, and good friends.

BTW, you can see a couple videos of Pete and I from our November show here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
The Talking Stick is located at 1411 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA.

It’s nestled in the back corner of a mini-mall next to an El Pollo Loco, at the corner of Lincoln and California. There’s plenty of free parking behind the building.


Hope to see you!



After All These Years, Video Evidence!

Peter Sheppard and I had a great time at The Spot last Friday night. It’s a very intimate room, and we were very appreciative that so many friends came out to hear us dust off these songs after a 15 year hiatus.  We played two sets: first, we performed all of the songs from the Confidential Reasons CD. After that, we broke out some favorites from our time together in the Last American Heroes.

Here are some videos Pete’s wife Crystal captured on her iPhone:

The Inside (from Confidential Reasons):

All That Matters (a Last American Heroes staple):

Confidential Reasons Revisited!

 Back in 1994, I released an acoustic CD titled “Confidential Reasons”. It was a collection of songs that had been written over the years with my songwriting partner and Last American Heroes band mate George Schneller.  While the Last American Heroes really focused on presenting an air-tight, rockin’ live set, we did perform the occasional acoustic or “unplugged” gig – often opening for friend and producer Jerry Giddens from Walking Wounded. Our plan was to record acoustic versions of some of of our live set while documenting some of the “quieter” songs in our catalog that didn’t fit the regular live set.

On Friday, November 19, at the Spot Café and Lounge, we will perform all of the songs from that CD live in one set for the first time ever.  Joining me will be Peter Sheppard, a long-time friend and the former guitarist in both the Orchids and the Last American Heroes.  Pete played these songs for years and it was Pete’s idea to take much of the Orchids/Last American Heroes songbook that was left unrecorded and head into the studio. We’ve fallen a bit behind schedule in the recording plan but this live show should be a nice way to kick off what I like to call Our Fall Project.

I hope you’ll join us. To kick things off that night, my friend Mike V and I will dig into a separate bag of originals during the opening set.

Pete and I will also be performing at the Talking Stick on Friday, October 29th as part Cafe Night, a community outreach event presented by some friends of ours at the Venice Santa Monica Free Methodist Church. It will also feature the jazz band Blue Noise and West of Lincoln, who perform a rockin’ mix of 60’s and 70’s covers. Pete and I will play between those acts from 7:00 to 7:45pm. 

Both shows are free and both venues are family-friendly environments.  I hope you’ll be there!

Our Fall Project – Day 1 (August 5, 2010)

I love fall. It has always had a certain reflective, reminiscent quality for me. So, it is fitting that this fall I’ll be returning to the studio with my friend Pete Sheppard, to revisit some songs we haven’t played together in over a decade.

Last month, Pete approached me about doing some recording later this year, in the fall. It really would be just for fun, not a big deal. His idea was to dust off some of the songs from our days together in the Last American Heroes.  I was definitely interested.  For a variety of reasons, many of those songs had never been given the full studio treatment.  After the Last American Heroes called it quits in ’94, George and I worked up some rough demos of a couple new songs, but we never finished them.  Most of the songs from that period got shelved as I focused on completing and promoting the Confidential Reasons CD.  Several of the songs from the Last American Heroes live set made it onto the CD (Happiness, Someday, The Inside, and Lonely Girl) but they were arranged drastically different.

So, Pete and I have decided to dust off these gems and see what happens; and tonight was the first step. Sitting in my kitchen, we listened to some of the old demos and live recordings, reviewed lyric sheets, and just started playing. We let our guitars and voices keep the neighbors awake a little while longer.

We had so much fun playing that we’re even going to look into booking some gigs, too!

We’ll keep you updated via this blog, Twitter and my Facebook page.

Yes, I love fall. And Fall 2010 is going to be fun!