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New 5 Song EP coming soon!!

RTK in the Studio:

You may know that I’ve been in the studio recording a batch of new (and not-so-new) songs with Kevin Fisher since last May. The original plan was to release a 10-12 song CD before Christmas 2014. Now, I haven’t been documenting the activity very regularly here (or even on my Facebook page) but  December came and went and we still had a lot of work to do.

Last night we moved 5 songs into the “let’s get these finished!” stage. So, instead of waiting 10 more months for a full CD, I’m going to release a 5-song EP!

I don’t have an exact date yet, but I think we can make this happen around May.  So, stay tuned!

RTK Live:

Also coming up in May, I’ve been invited to perform at this year’s Matsuri of Faith at Faith United Methodist Church in Torrance. It will be short set in the afternoon, and we will be performing songs from the recent sessions. And who knows, we might even have a horn section!

Keep checking our Facebook page for more information…


Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Time For a New RTK Record

3. I’ve got a batch of songs that need to be recorded…

2. It’s time because I’m on a 10 year recording cycle (The R & D Project in 2004, Confidential Reasons in 1994)

1. I get to work with Kevin Fisher!

Kevin and I met today and began planning our approach to the recording sessions, which will start in a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated with postings here, on our Facebook page and via Twitter.

Springing Forward!

I have finally determined to spring into action and move forward with my next recording project. It’s not the one I was planning, either. Guess we lost an hour of sleep and somehow I end up being inspired!

In the next few months, we’ll be recording at least 3 new songs and releasing them individually through iTunes.  Once again, we’ll be recording with my friend Chris Hastings and NoVanGogh’s Doug Sparks will probably get his ears dirty in the process as well. Stay tuned!

Oh, and look out for the limited edition release of a 6-track Dear John CD.


Old is New and New is Old Again

Have spent a lot of time lately rehearsing for some upcoming performances! Here’s what’s been going on, and what’s on the horizon:

This Saturday’s Driftwood LA gig will add yet another Knights of Columbus hall to our list of conquered venues. It will also be our first show since last fall’s afternoon appearance at American Martyrs. Who knows when we will drift back onto a stage anytime soon…so drop by if you can, it’s free and open to the public.

Another project is the annual Drama Ministry production at Faith UMC.  Due to a variety of 50th anniversary activities at the church this year, the production has been scaled down slightly. Instead of a full-blown musical like previous years (The Wiz, Joseph, Godspell), musical director Steve Bullard has put together some classic Broadway selections. Over the last few years, I’ve alternated my role between guitar player and performer, and this year I’ll be onstage singing instead of playing guitar in the Devotion Band.

After that, it looks like I’ll be entering rock n roll mode for a while! Last year, my friend and former bandmate, guitar slinger extraordinaire Pete Sheppard invited me to join him in Craig Fall’s studio to add vocals to his version of Dylan’s Forever Young, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  Now he has suggested we do more recording, this time unearthing some of the lost relics from our Last American Heroes days. Other than a small contribution to Doug Spark’s NoVanGogh project, it’s been a while since I spent some quality time in the studio (the R & D Project back in 2004/2005) so I am looking forward to this. You’ll see my updates via Twitter and Facebook…

That’s all for now!