Dear John “Frustrated Conversation” Reissue!

Dear John – “Frustrated Conversation” 7″ Repackage/Reissue
Criminally unknown Power-Pop gem recorded in 1981, this record existed only in the memories of a few St Louisans & the grubby mitts of a few Power Pop collectors the world over. Head John Bob Kuhlmann recently unearthed a batch of singles that had been in storage for thirty years & BDR has whipped up new covers with never-before seen photos & new liner notes. The first batch will even come with a download code to get more songs from their only recording session. Wow!

BDR Records – the best record label in St Louis – is unleashing two new fine pieces of the puzzle that is the early St Louis Punk/Wave scene: a collection of never-before-released studio tracks by our friends The Retros and the Dear John “Frustrated Conversation” 7″!

Larry, George and I are very excited that Matt and Jason from BDR are releasing this special 30th Anniversary edition of our single. There are several events in St. Louis that will be celebrating these releases:

St Louis Shuffle! Retros & Dear John Listening Party!
The Royale
3132 S. Kingshighway, Saint Louis, MO 63139

Matt from BDR will be spinning the Retros and Dear John records, along with a lot of other fine St. Louis bands!

BDR Records Double Release Holiday Invitational!
Off Broadway
3509 Lemp Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63118

• A Tribute To The RETROS featuring Bob Chekoudjian of the Retros, members of Bunnygrunt, & other famous St Louis Punk/Wave luminaries!
• Antimation
• Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost

Rumor has it the Camaros will also be performing, including Antimation’s Tony Carr and our former Page Three bandmate Kevin Brueseke! This is going to be an awesome show, with a lot of dear friends attending that were a big part of the St. Louis music scene in the late 70s and early 80s.

Larry, George and I planned to perform as Dear John for the first time in 30 years, but too many things conspired against it. Sorry we’re going to miss this, but that doesn’t mean YOU should! Be there or else…

Stay tuned for more info, including info on where to buy the Dear John single, an upcoming Dear John digital-only release and future live shows!


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