This town is coming like a ghost town…

This town is coming like a ghost town…

Every year, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District shuts down for a week in February. No, this isn’t an early Spring Break. It is known as Ski Week, and many families flee the 90266 and head to the lands of the ice and snow (Mammoth, Big Bear, Utah, Tahoe, etc) at a time when most of America would be happy to never see snow again.

Having grown up in St. Louis, where snow is typically not welcomed for its recreational purposes (other than sledding at Art Hill – often after a bottle of Jack Daniels) the fact that folks voluntarily do this is puzzling.

Of course, others here in the neighborhood take the opportunity to hop on a plane and head to paradise – Hawaii! (And that would be my choice…)

So, in keeping with the local customs, my wife and son just headed to the mountains for a one-day ski trip while my daughter spends the day packing in preparation for a weekend in the mountains with her youth group.

Me? I’m working and enjoying a beautifully sunny day.


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