Wow, it’s hard to believe November is halfway gone!

Next weekend (November 20 and 21), I’ll be joining Faith UMC’s Devotion Band to provide music for this year’s Drama Ministry presentation, The Wiz . Tickets are still available for all three performances although Saturday’s dinner has sold out.

Also next week, I’ll be working once again with my friend Pete Sheppard, our guitarist from the Last American Heroes days!  He’s asked me to do a vocal track on a Bob Dylan song for a project he’s putting together. And in early December, it’s time for more writing with Doug Sparks.  If you haven’t given My Own Gallery a listen, you are definitely missing some great tunes.

Recommended Reading: One of the few music-related blogs I subscribe to is called Clicks and Pops.  Alex has a unique gift: incorporating his deep knowledge, understanding and love of music while sharing his personal (and sometimes very personal) memories.  Basically, his writing reinforces the concept that music truly is the soundtrack of our lives. 

His recent post reflecting on his search for a particular Harry Chapin song (Sniper, about Charles Whitman’s shooting rampage at the University of Texas) brought back some memories of my own, which I shared in the comments on that post.  Also in the comments section, you can read an inspiring message from Mike Grayeb, who coordinates the annual Harry Chapin Memorial Run Against Hunger.

Off to rehearsal…


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