Brett Favre is considering unretiring. Really? Give it a rest, Brett…

And now for some music news:

Be sure to keep checking Doug Spark’s MySpace page for updates on the NoVanGogh project’s new digital-only release called “My Own Gallery”.   It is an awesome collection, and Doug definitely took the time to sequence the songs just right.  NoVanGogh is really an art collection of it’s own – an assemblage of vocalists and musicians that Doug has worked with over the last few years to give voice to songs he has written with a variety of songwriting partners (the release includes three of the songs he wrote with yours truly.)  Fans of female vocalists should definitely check it out, since only two of the tracks are sung by guys.

As for me, I did a mini-set of 5 songs at last month’s Coffee House showcase event at Faith UMC and at various times was joined by Alex Smith on the cajon drum, Rick Izumi on soprano sax and Rev. Ken Suhr on piano. Some of those songs are planned to be recorded for Faith’s upcoming Music Ministry CD.

PS: yes, there will be another Rockin Knights gig. Keep June 6th open.


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