You saw WHAT on eBay??

I got an unexpected email earlier tonight from Larry Wilke, an old friend who was the drummer in our former band Dear John.  Included in the email was this link to an eBay auction.

Yes, someone is selling a copy of Dear John’s debut 7″ Frustrated Conversation/I Don’t Want Her to Know (including the picture sleeve) for a whopping $25 plus shipping and handling.  I wasn’t aware there was so much interest in that record!  Apparently, the seller got it when he bought out the stock of a local St. Louis record store.  I wish him luck in his endeavors.

I don’t want to compete with my new favorite eBay seller, but for what it’s worth I still have a few copies of that 7″ if anyone’s interested.  These come in a plain white sleeve, though, since there are no more picture sleeves left.  The entire Dear John catalog is also available digitally – for specifics, check out the discography here.

For the record, (pun intended) it was great hearing from Larry, and we’re hoping to get together when he travels to LA next time.


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