my father’s day post

Lots of folks with blogs will reference Father’s Day today, recollecting their youth while either bemoaning the pain of a poor relationship with their dad, or placing their father on the mantlepiece thanking them for every moment of their lives.  For me, describing where I sit on that continuum would take too many words, so we’ll focus on the here and now.
Today, one aspect of my Father’s Day present was a quiet morning home with my 2 kids playing on the Wii.  We had been to church yesterday, so we could sleep in.  JK’s card included a Top 10 list with some very touching references and his home made mouse pad included two of my favorite teams: Mizzou and Green Bay.
GK’s card was another in the Hallmark “Innovations” series. You open the card and there is a jingle, annoying phrases and laughing, or a catchy tune.  This time, it was the theme from MNF!  Awesome.
Other presents touched on my love for football: a copy of Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength and a Sports Illustrated tribute to Brett Favre.
The big “WOW” came when I opened the present from my father: a framed picture of Brett Favre, with a personalized autograph: “Bob, Be Your Best!”
Now, I know that my dad didn’t hang out in front of Brett’s restaurant in Green Bay or spend months stalking Brett for this autograph in Kiln, MS.  I actually don’t care how “authentic” it is,  and don’t care how he got it (although I know how and where) – I was just very struck by the thought. 
I also recognize that this Father’s Day can be tough on families where there has been a recent loss. Famous types like Steven Curtis Chapman and Tim Russert, and those not so well known
Lastly, I have been a father for over 12 years now, and this year, I’m starting a new tradition in our house: I am going to thank my kids for blessing my life, and ask them for forgiveness for the times when I’m not the best role model or when I might yell a bit too much, or all those other times when I come up a bit short on the parenting scale.
Happy Father’s Day!

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