REM played the Hollywood Bowl tonight!

Wow, REM played the Hollywood Bowl tonight.

I often rush out and grab tix for a major show at the Bowl. Love those event-class gigs like the “as close as you will ever get to seeing the Faces” appearance by Ron Wood which disrupted Rod Stewart’s ode to Cole Porter show there a few years back or the “I had 6th ROW tickets for the original tour but got MONO”/relive your high school years Roger Waters DSOTM extravaganza last year when he still had his pig. Not to mention the obligatory John Mellencamp shows for the wife (happy birthday, dear).

But I had no interest in this one.

Yeah, I hear the new record could be the best thing they’ve done since they left IRS but no matter how good it will be/is/was, it will NEVER be like the shows I saw “back in the day”: REM playing Six Flags over Mid-America to a totally bewildered crowd of clueless teens that surrounded a couple dozen die hard St. Louis hipsters before Murmur was even released. Then there was a memorable 1984 appearance during the Bicycle tour at Washington University’s Graham Chapel with the dB’s as special guests, and the ensuing night of partying which included a tour bus stop at Heartbreak Hotel (the bar I managed) to load up for the party at Stipe’s former bandmates house (he spent time in the STL) and culminated with Peter Buck’s 3:00 am attempt to disappear with the last 6 pack which was foiled by yours truly and my bandmate George.

Yeah, REM played the Hollywood Bowl tonight.

And instead of attempting to retrieve that youthful hipness and take a stroll down memory lane (while waiting for the stacked parking to empty out), I saw my daughter sing in a choir at her middle school. In 3 different languages.

Now, that ticket was worth something!


One response to “REM played the Hollywood Bowl tonight!

  1. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating that I love this post.

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