I feel so…renewed

well, that didn’t take too long!

spent a few hours this evening cleaning up the rtkmusic website and loosing the graphics that had been there since, hmmm, too long ago.  So, no more stars changing colors, no more guestbook, no more outdated name banner.  went the simple look.  cut down the links page, and will add more here on the blog and tumblrolls. 

Still have a few links to clean up, but I’ll get to those in a few days.  It’s a busy week: last night Ad Council met, then tonight was JK’s cub scout advancement, tomorrow night is GK’s choir concert (not to mention CK’s birthday!) and we finish things off Friday with JK’s tough little league playoff game against the Pirates on Friday. 

Musically, Mike V called today and hopefully we’ll get together soon.  I owe Doug Sparks a call (and a hundred bucks) – he is doing some fine songwriting with Melanie Bomar, who just KILLED the vocals on two of the songs Doug and I wrote.  You can check them out on Doug’s myspace page.

Hopefully, I’ll get into the studio this summer and start working on the next project, whatever that will be.  There is also talk of recording some of Faith UMC’s musical talent for a CD later this year. 

BTW, it’s been 25 years since a post-punk/pop act with diverse influences called Page Three debuted at St. Louis’ punk venue Billie Goat Hill on a hot summer night.  I am sure I’ll get all sentimental at some point and blog about that “page” in my history…no pun intended…really. REALLY!

So, where are they now?  Hmmm…


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