tumblr and twitter and wordpress, oh my

Back in my youth, I would simply walk down the street three houses to knock on the door to see if my friend was home.  On rainy days, I might have called ahead. 

Nowadays, we have so many communication tools, and I (and probably others) have so little patience!

So, I am attempting to simplify things:

A blog for my personal ramblings, musings, news, etc. (umm, this blog right here), a website specifically focused on my musical efforts (songwriting/performing) here, and a few limited amount of social networks for my musical and professional efforts: LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook. 

A friend of mine introduced me to Naymz a few weeks ago, and within one click all my LinkedIn friends received invites. I instantly came to the realization that, although it seemed inocuous enough, this was one networking opportunity too many. While some of my contacts readily jumped into the Naymz fray, I got several responses indicating a less than enthusiastic stand on Naymz.

Next, via Third Day’s Mark Lee  and Twitter friends like Anthony I discovered Tumblr – wow, one place to rule them all.

Except that tumblr can’t find a way to take my RSS feed from Blogger (where this blog originated).  And WordPress, where I set up a mirror rtkmusic blog to feed Tumblr, can’t accept updates from Twitter.  So much for simplification. 

So, for the time being, tumblr will become my aggregator (via rtkmusic.com) from wordpress and twitter.  Got it?  I think I do…

And then there is FriendFeed, which might be valuable in promoting my music but I need to suss that out.  And Pownce or Jaiku, which compete with Twitter but might have better uptime than Twitter recently. 

Ah, choices…


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