all a-twitter

There is this new technology called twitter and I just signed up for it. I have no idea what practical use it will have for me, but figured what the heck – I already have a half dozen email addresses, a website, a Linked In page, a facebook page (still thinking about that one), a myspace page, and ID’s on most of the IM applications you can find out there.

I’ll keep you posted on whether or not the technology was worth the 2.5 minutes it took to set up an account.

Meanwhile, I will soon be on the waiting list for the Aerosmith edition of Guitar Hero and James and Gina will be teaching me Mario Galaxy pretty soon.

BTW, I am now in my 2nd month at magnify360 and am really enjoying it! Great company, great people, and great technology. It’s fun to be able to sell something that a) you believe in and b) can help your clients.

til next time…


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