Updates and things

Well, winter is on the verge of moving into spring and I haven’t paid much attention to the blog lately.

Some highlights of the last several months have included some awesome music/worship experiences: The Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman Indescribable Tour hit OC and was amazing, as was Third Day’s concert at the Gibson/Univeral venue last weekend. I need to craft a review ala the Westerberg show for you. It also marked the first time I ever , ever stood in the pit, hanging over the rail all night. It was a very moving experience. Mac Powell has a career as a preacher if he ever decides to give up being a rock star. And the band rocks. Yeah, I need to write a review.

Had a lot of fun at Faith UMC’s coffee house a few weeks ago. The Devotion Band was responsible for about 18 songs, and I got to sing such great tunes as Cry Out To Jesus (Third Day), Surrender (Marc James), and To Be Alone With You (Sufjan Stevens). We also featured Mina and Malia on several Nichole Nordeman songs, including Brave from her new CD, which was produced by Jay Joyce – an old acquaintance of mine from the old Page Three days in the Midwest. He is a brilliant guitarist/writer/producer, and really did a cool job on Brave. If you ever find Bedlam’s Into The Coals CD in a $.25 bin somewhere, pick it up and crank it!

On a personal note, I’ve been performing solo shows less and less lately, but my friend Jon Minei has been keeping the light burning at the Red Car (think he’s there tonite, even) I’ve been busy with a new job, coaching basketball, and working with the new worship team. Maybe I should ask Jon about doing an acoustic worship concert sometime…I think we’d have fun.

Oh, and my latest indie find is a band called The Hold Steady. They are from Brooklyn, but the singer is originally from Minn/St Paul. The latest CD Separation Sunday is an astounding work – a rock opera about a girl named Hallelujah, nicknamed Holly. Traces of the ‘Mats, Springsteen, Boomtown Rats, Guided By Voices. There are Biblical references throughout although it is not a Christian record by any stretch. Girl gets lost, gets found, gets saved…and the writing is totally inspired.

Sample lyric:
i guess i heard about original sin. i heard the dude blamed the chick. i heard the chick blamed the snake. i heard they were naked when they got busted. i heard things ain’t been the same since.

I never throw around terms like genius, but it is as close as it gets.


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