Estela and the IPG rock!

The weeks and months fly by – hard to remember who said what when, who did what and when? Running from here to there and then back again, but first you have to take a detour to wherever the road bends for a few.

That’s how it’s been the last few weeks. Just go, go, go. Rehearsals with both Los Gringos and Devotion, working, reuniting with some old work colleagues, doing some gigs, hanging at open mikes, supporting other friend’s at their shows, and of course, watching the LA Avengers.

The calendar’s full, it’s crazy, and I’m digging it!

Last week, stopped by Texas Loosey’s open mike to check it out, and did a few tunes. Linda Bruce was there, and joined me for a couple of duets, and we butchered some classics. Guess we will have to get the key right or something.

Last night, checked out a couple of musical things. First, a few of my pals (including Chris Hastings, who engineered The R & D Project) have started a new loud, LOUD rocknroll band and I stopped by the studio to check out their rehearsal. I didn’t catch the name (don’t know if there is one, actually) but they have about 6 solid tunes in the set (not including a Judas Priest cover). Loud riffs and screaming in a confined space will always be a good thing to kick off a Sunday evening. And I can’t forget Nancy’s killer lasagna!!!

Next on the Sunday trip through the South Bay was the monthly Songwriters Showcase at Suzy’s. Got there in time to catch about five minutes of Griffin Gissendanner, then Scott Stewart took the stage with his iPod/guitar performance. The Lou Reed rhythm guitar sat over the U2 meets Radiohead mixes from the iPod. It was pretty interesting and unique use of new technology.

The highlight was Estela, and the debut of the sister act Estela and the IPG. Estela was on the showcase with me last month playing solo, so her tunes were very familiar (and good). But the addition of her sisters Anita and Rosie take it to a whole other level. They are both very talented, and have obviously been playing together, with very sophisticated, experienced chops that belie their youth (they are 21 and 19 respectively). The addition of harmonies, superbly placed bass riffs, and a drummer with a sense of space really meshed with Estela’s emotionally charged vocals.

This week it’s an overnight trip to Chicago, more group rehearsals, Friday’s Red Car gig, another Avenger game Saturday, and who knows what else…

Whew –


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