Reminiscing about the Red Car

Thanks to everyone who showed up Saturday night at the Red Car! The place has great food and micro brews, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Among the friends at the bar were Gnashville Sounds label mates Shaun and Glenn from Gutter Swans, and Shaun joined me for most of the last set and added some very cool acoustic guitar licks!

Apparently, the management enjoyed the music and the guests, since they invited me back again. So, stay tuned for more gigs at the Red Car! I like doing these shows since it allows me to play a variety of things, new songs, covers, etc.

After we closed down the Red Car EJ, Pat and I ventured up to Friends of the Vine in the Hollywood Riviera and shared a few bottles of wine. FOTV has a cool atmosphere and a strong selection of wines, and is primed for an acoustic venue. The music they were playing on their stereo ventured from EW&F to Five for Fighting, and we asked (OK, EJ asked) Fred the proprietor if they ever had live music. The answer was “yes” and I introduced myself, and then headed to the car for some CD’s. Who knows if it will happen, but it’d be a fun gig.

For those interested, here’s the approximate song list from Saturday:

Set 1
Walked Away
King of Fools
Stay the Night
What We Had
Lonely Girl
Could’ve Been Mine
Follow Your Heart
Time Enough For Love
Last Ten Years
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Wanderin’ Soul
Here Comes A Regular
7 Bridges Road

Set 2
Boys Don’t Cry
Quiet Time
Will You Still Change With Me
And I Did Not Know
Break My Heart
Let The Girl Go
I Forgot To Forget
When I Close My Eyes
No Regrets
Moon Comes Around

Set 3
Whiskey and Memories
You Could’ve Been Mine
Cross That Line
The Inside
All That Matters


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